My Husband Asked What Turns Me On

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m devoting this post to the mushy, gushy side of marriage.

My husband loves to love. He is a romantic, and loves to show it. Between kisses and hugs, there’s love notes and cuddles. Last week he called to tell me to tune my radio to a certain station just so that I could hear a song that reminded him of me.

I know, I know. Half of you are probably saying “Awww!”, and the other half are rolling your eyes. Haha he can be corny, but that’s what makes him who he is. I thank my lucky stars every day I found myself a Mr. Cupid.

Recently, he asked me what turns me on. He wanted to know what gets my heart fluttering, and brings out my sexy side.

I laughed, and in an awkward voice said “Um..I don’t know…” But after taking some time to think about his question, and go through the ins and outs of our day, I learned what my answer would be. And I told him it’s probably not at all what he thinks. In fact, I think many men are out of touch with what gets a woman’s engine going. So I decided to have fun with this question, and create a list of “turn ons” that will help any man “score” this Valentine’s Day!

1.)    Oh baby, are you washing those dishes?

When I come home and the kitchen is clean and the dishes are drying, you’ve just made my heart speed up and I feel myself instantly attracted to you.

2.)    “Go ahead honey, I’ll handle bath time.”

I love bath time with my bonus daughter, but after a long day, this offer is like a lap dance from Channing Tatum.

3.)    “I saw we were running low on wine, so I stopped off and got you two of your favorite.”

After girl scouts, homework, bath, laundry, packing school lunches, and cleaning yogurt off the cabinet…a fresh glass of wine at the end of the night is definitely a language of love.

4.)    A shower. Alone. And uninterrupted.

When we are heading to a family party, and I get 60 whole minutes to get myself ready, I just want to jump your bones right then. I know your child is a girl, and you try your hardest to braid, paint nails, and coordinate outfits for her. I know her world is a little foreign to you, and I enjoy being the woman in our house to help her. I absolutely love helping her dress up, and being the one she turns to for guidance. But when you give me the gift of privacy first, without a knock on the door every 5 seconds asking “Does this match? Does this look ok? Can you button this? Can I wear lipstick? Will you tie this? Can I try perfume? Do these shoes go with this skirt?”…When I get to prepare myself first, and then dive into hair bows and mary janes…you are so sexy to me.

5.)    When you happily watch shows like The Bachelor with me.

When you walk in the door on Mondays, throw your sweats on and join me on the couch for 2 hours of ridiculous reality TV without so much as a peep of complaint, honey, you just seduced me in the best way possible.

Sure the flowers and chocolates are great. But there is so much more that can spark a woman’s libido. Small acts of companionship go a long way in my book. Men are visual lovers, hence the billion dollar lingerie industry. Women tend to be emotional lovers, we want a partner, a sidekick, a mate.

My husband laughed when he read this article, and said “According to this list you should be the most turned on woman in the world!” And he’s right (and then he casually started washing the dinner dishes…). He takes care of me, and that to me is the sexiest trait any husband can possess. 

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