Seeing an abundance of resources for the adults going through lifestyle transitions, and a lack of content for the children, I launched a first of its kind children's book series to help little ones understand, accept and appreciate modern family concepts. 


My Mission

The "I Have" Series was born in 2014 when I saw my stepdaughter struggle with understanding her lifestyle, and seeing adults in her life struggle to answer her questions in a healthy and age-appropriate way.

How could I help both the adults explain, and the kids understand?

The children’s book series has received recognition around the world, and has been a tremendous tool for parents and children. Starting with the topic of divorce has eventually led to additional modern family concepts, many of which have been requested from readers in "non-traditional" households. Families come in all shapes and sizes, these books celebrate each and every one of them in their own unique way. 

I hope you enjoy my books, and I hope they help your family thrive!


When situations and concepts are not explained to kids, they are left to gather their own conclusion. With a vivid imagination, these conclusions are usually far from accurate. What can be worse is when a situation is inappropriately explained to a child, exposing them to the adults’s emotions of anger, sadness, or fear. The mission behind these books is to provide a nurturing, and neutral, explanation for the topic at hand. It’s okay to not always know the right words to say. Let these pages do the talking, and guide you and your little one through a healthy conversation that will leave them feeling reassured and loved.
— Colleen LeMaire, Author & Publisher