Were you raised in a “non-traditional” family? Or are you raising kids in one now?

I want to hear from you.

Guest Blogs

I love bringing as many perspectives and experiences to the table as possible. If you have a story to share, a lesson learned, a triumph or challenge you'd like to contribute to the Blog, I'd love to talk with you!

Are you living your own happily ever after?

Does your family fit into one of my upcoming books? I need your help!

Upcoming Books:

  • I Have Two Moms

  • I Have Two Dads

  • I Have a Sibling with Special Needs

  • I Have a Guardian Angel

  • I Have a Transgender Parent

  • I Have a Sibling in Heaven

  • I Have a Half-Brother/Sister

  • I Have a Stepsister/brother


How can you help?

I'm looking for individuals and families living out these modern day fairytales to contribute content ideas for both children's books and blog articles. I'm dedicated to representing these communities and lifestyles properly, and I'd love to hear from those living out these concepts. Want a certain scene illustrated in a book? Have a topic you'd love to see on the blog? Interested in writing an article on one of these new categories yourself? Share your thoughts with me!

Who already works with me?


Meet my Illustrator

Marina Saumell is my incredible illustrator responsible for bringing my books to life. She lives with her family in the beautiful Argentina, and has a strong passion for children's literature. Do you need a talented artist? Learn more about Marina and her services here.  

Meet my Graphic Designer

Cailtin Slomski is the founder and owner of True Knack Graphics. She is a creative guru that can bring any imaginary vision to graphic design reality. From print design such as wedding stationary and party planning, to digital media files, to logo creation and branding...True Knack Graphics is your one stop shop for all things creative.

Meet The Stepmom Coach


I tackle the children in stepfamilies, she tackles the adults. Jamie Scrimgeour is a Stepmom who once upon a time found herself crying on the bathroom floor with a glass of wine wondering what the heck she was thinking when she decided to marry a single dad with three kids!  Jamie was in need of some major support. After she couldn't find it, she decided to create it! Over the past few years Jamie has dove head first into all the stepfamily resources she could find. 

As a Life Coach with A Specialization In Stepfamily Dynamics, Jamie combined all the information she learned with her experiences as both a stepmom and a child of divorce, and created a program and exclusive Stepmom community full of all the strategies she used to get herself up off that bathroom floor, and start to THRIVE amongst the chaos of Stepfamily Life! To learn more about Jamie and how she can help you, visit her website here.

Meet The Finance Guy


Divorce, remarriage, blending families...these monumental life events can bring about some sticky financial situations. Make sure you stay on track by partnering up with someone who's been there, done that. Bob Leonardo is a District Manager for the Hoopis Group, an agency of MassMutual. While Bob enjoys helping all types of people, he is especially equipped to be a resource to divorcees and blended families. Why? Because he's been a divorced father, and understands the dynamics of building a blended family. He knows the financial downturn as well as upswing these scenarios can produce, and he prides himself on knowing how to help these individuals stay on their financial track and achieve their goals.

He's also my husband, so he's pretty cool in my book.


To learn more about how Bob can help you and your family, please e-mail him below. He may also be reached at 773-619-5446.


Interested in writing your own children's book? I can help!