Move over, Cinderella. You got it all wrong.

No one  grows up dreaming of becoming a Stepmother. After all, Stepmothers are evil right? We're greedy, mean, jealous women who make our stepchildren clean the house all day and all night!

Needless to say, we don't have the best image. When I stepped into this role, I was up against some pretty negative fairytale defintions. Thankfully, it didn't take long to squash those portrayals and begin the beautiful relationship I have with my stepdaughter. 

As my stepdaughter has grown, her curiousity has grown as well. She's asked many insightful questions as to why her life is the way it is. I searched high and low for a children's book to help explain the concept of two-home living. What I discovered was that while there was an overload of resources for the adults experiencing divorce, there was very little for the I decided to do something about it! And so The "I Have" Series was born. 

Formerly the "Stepparenting Expert" contributing writer for's Stepparenting Blog, I have now launched my own site, and I am beyond grateful for the support it's received.


I've been living out my "happily ever after" with my husband and stepdaughter just outside Chicago since 2011, and it's been nothing short of a wild ride! A stepfamily faces many unique challenges and triumphs, and I am beyond proud and grateful for the family tree we have grown together. 


I grew up in St. Charles, IL with my Dad, a retired fireman, and Mom, a retired school teacher, along with three sisters. At 2 years old I discovered an old typewriter in the basement, and I fell in love with writing stories. I've been writing pretty much ever since! I attended Marquette University and Augustana College and hold a degree in Journalism and Marketing. 

The three loves of my life are my family, coffee, and sushi.